About Michelle

Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Supervisor
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

My name is Michelle Silva Segura and I have been in the field of psychotherapy for over 20 years. I enjoy what I do and look forward to the work with clients. I believe that the client is the expert on their experience and on their understanding of their life. I try to bring my experience, knowledge, and understanding into the relationship so that the client and I can co-create an organic experience between us. In my opinion, exploration within the realms of curiosity is essential in forming an environment that is safe and non-judgmental.

My education consist of a M.A. in Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family systems theory. I received my Masters from Universidad de las Americas, A.C. in Mexico City. My decision for studying an M.A. in Mexico City is that it allowed me to live with family there and gain a better understanding of cultural norms. My professors were from all over the world which enabled me to build a strong understanding of how culture and systems come together. Not only do we have different cultures through ethnicity, but we have different cultures when blending with another person of a different family and family of origin. We have different cultures within generations, sexual orientation, communities, etc. Thus, there can be several different cultures within one organized unit. My belief is that if one can look with a lens of curiosity and learner, one can become more open to the gifts that we obtain as individuals.

My work experience is extensive and crosses borders. When in Mexico, I worked in several agencies providing services to children, adults, and families dealing with loss, trauma, and addiction. Upon returning to Texas, I worked in school communities, police departments, trauma centers, and finally, at the University of Texas-Austin. My training and experience allowed me to become familiar with not only the individual that may come to my office, but pay attention to the system surrounding that person whether it be their family of origin, their nuclear family, their partnership, and/or their work or school environment.

I have been working in the trauma field for much of my practice. This has allowed me the opportunity to learn techniques that involve listening to the body and its reactions to traumatic events. I believe in mindfulness and its benefits within psychotherapy. I have studied Thought Field therapy, REMAP, and Mindfulness theory. In 2016, I completed my certification to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. For more information on SE®, feel free to look on their website.

Creativity is essential to my work. I utilize play therapy techniques when working with children and have been known to use some play/art/ sand tray work with individual adults and families. I believe that we are never too old to play or to reach with that other side of our brain in the session. I don’t believe that therapy always has to be so serious and find that play and humor can help when appropriate.

I am fluent in Spanish which has enabled me to work with individuals, families, and children who utilize Spanish as their first language.

On a personal note, I am a mother, a partner/wife, a sister, a daughter, a person…. who provides therapy and loves what I do.

I look forward to meeting you if you feel I am the right choice for your healing journey.